5 Unique And Photogenic Park Tourists In Bandung

The election of Mr. Ridwan Kamil as the Mayor of Park Tourists in Bandung, undoubtedly has a big influence in urban planning from the capital of West Java. One of his distinctive works from the stadium of gardening, just be mindful that Kang Emil’s profession is in contact with the design of building design to the park. But, it’s not just a distinctive garden by Kang Emil. To be a selfie spot. The following is a list of distinctive and adorable gardens within the city of Bandung:)

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Barusen Hills Love Park
Barusen Hills is a hit attraction for tourist at Ciwidey. Barusen Hills is famed for its famous love park, besides that there’s also a swimming pool that is located at an altitude so it gives another swimming sensation.
The Love Park at Barusen Hills is very appropriate for you who are searching for a romantic tour that really works just like this. There are also love-shaped pine bridges facing the hills. This place is little!

Ciwidey Mushroom Park
This park doesn’t contain tree trees, but the form of pine trees from the garden is comparable to mushrooms, distinctive right!
In addition to being known as the Mushroom Park, this location can also be referred to as mushroom hill owing to its location in the contour of the uneven ground. Fresh trees and cool air make this place a shame to miss without photographs, particularly around the region there’s also a tea factory owned by PT. Perkebunan Nusantara VIII (PTPN VIII) can become all tourism can be done in a cool tea garden.
Actually this Mushroom Park is not an official tourist spot, so there are no public amenities available here, besides that you can also openly enter without being charged. But Although the entrance is free, don’t waste it haphazardly

Film Park
Film Park is among the thematic parks and public open areas in Bandung City located under the Pasupati Bridge. The park has the concept of a contemporary open-air cinema in order that citizens are able to move around the park and also get free movie screening centers. The Film Park is managed by the Bandung Film Community and the Bandung City Parks Service.

Photography Park
It appears like Bandung knows very well if today there are a whole lot of photographers getting post-Instagram, etc. That’s why there’s a Photography Park here so you don’t bother looking for great objects. The location of this park is on Jalan Kemuning No.4, Sumurbandung, Merdeka, Sumur Bandung.

Love Padlock Park
Taman Gembok Cinta is in fact Bandung City Hall Park. But it’s intriguing because here’s the Monument of the Love Padlock. This monument is made of iron and ram cable with a prism contour measuring 2.5 sq meters and two meters high. On it’s the red”love” letter. What makes it distinctive, the padlock of love Bandung is decorated with colorful lights during the evening. So it’s more beautiful!