6 Things to Learn in Jakarta

Traveling in Jakarta could give you a few wonderful experiences. Jakarta is the capital city of Indonesia, so you might visit some various tourisms at once. Though some people today say this metropolitan city like a ‘monster because of its lifestyle, you might have fun with thing you should do at Jakarta. There, you could learn many things which would add more memories on your life. Here are the things to learn in Jakarta.

Indonesian Government
Jakarta is the center of Indonesian government. Therefore, when you visit Jakarta, you’d find a lot of government offices there. Each department of ministry has their very own building. The government building is the House of Representatives. These legislature officials are functioned to deliver the Indonesians society’s opinion. You might go there anytime in the event that you want to know more about Indonesian authorities.

Wonderful Indonesia

The social life of urban
Almost the people of Jakarta are people that are metropolitan. They come from several regions of all the portions of Indonesia. Here you could learn urban people existence, what’s their activity, and the way they could survive in Jakarta. Typically, almost of people would work much more difficult to meet their needs. Furthermore, some of migrant residents couldn’t live that makes the rate of poverty in Indonesia increasing. (Read also: Indonesia Lifestyle)

Betawi culture
Betawi is the indigenous of Jakarta. Even though Jakarta categorized as the urban and modern city, the Betawi culture is still exist up to now. In fact, you may still find many villages in Jakarta that maintain this culture. In case you’re interested to learn Betawi culture, it’s suggested for you to come to Setu Babakan at South Jakarta. There you could learn several things about it culture.

Budgeting management
Jakarta classified as the most expensive city in Indonesia. This is the location with the high price living when compared with other tourism places in Java. As you visit there, you’ll learn to manage the spending spending budget by yourself. In addition to, you’d learn how people in Jakarta make an effort to fill up their livings.

Since almost inhabitants of Jakarta come from several regions and tribes, they embrace the various beliefs. In Jakarta, you could discover the biggest cathedral and also mosque in Indonesia. Here you could learn how folks tolerate each other. They don’have no problem for those gaps. Even, they could live side by side really nicely.

The entertainment sector
As it’s the largest city in Indonesia, Jakarta becomes the center of entertainment industry. You could discover a lot of entertainment industries like film production, advertisement office, or big musical studio. There you could learn how entertainment industry becomes the very prestigious place to work in Indonesia. This is why it’s easy for a person who works in the entertainment industry to earn money.